Part-time help sought for home repair and some inventions

   Hello, I’m Ben, a busy work-from-home computer guy in North Webster. I’m searching for someone to hire part-time to help me on projects such as practical ideas for inventions and home repair involving drywall, wood trim, a wood storage shed, and some very basic electrical, plumbing, and welding. I’m also hoping to get a large CNC and a vacuum forming machine by summer. You don’t have to have experience in all of these as long as you have some for at least a few. I have a wide variety of tasks with many opportunities to learn and develop new ways to solve problems.

   Do you know anyone that may be interested?

   I can offer up to 20h/w starting at a rate of $10/h or a bit more depending on experience. The schedule can be flexible between afternoons, evenings, and weekends. The biggest factors for me are that the person be highly reliable about showing up on time and giving advance notice about any schedule changes.

   Please email me at bashpole(at) to introduce yourself (tell me what kinds of things you know how to do) and set up a time for a phone call so that I can answer your questions.

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