Mission Statement

Mindy Scaggs, President

Our Mission Statement

“Helping to build a stronger community by promoting local businesses & area opportunities for growth.”



I would like to welcome you to our community on behalf of the North Webster- Tippecanoe Township Chamber of Commerce and its members.

Community means working, living and being together. It is the common thread that binds our visitors, residents and businesses together to create a place to grow, thrive and enjoy throughout the entire year. Many years of history have shaped the foundation that this area was built upon. As we look to the future and the growth happening in our area, a strong sense of community is what keeps us grounded and steadfast to the true roots of our township and ancestors.

I am proud to say that many organizations and businesses within our township work hand in hand to maintain good communication and coordination. This is essential in keeping North Webster – Tippecanoe Township a place full of activity and opportunity for all. I hope through combined efforts we will continue to cultivate the delicate balance between our small home town feel and the growth and expansion of our community. It always amazes me when we compose the calendar for the year just how many activities and events are happening right here in our own backyard!

Mindy Scaggs, President
North Webster- Tippecanoe
Chamber of Commerce