Makers Club in the Making

The North Webster Library and local tech-personality Ben Ashpole are in the early stages of arranging a “Maker Space” — a workshop with tools for electronics to woodworking to metalworking to crafts — here in North Webster. Presently, Mr. Ashpole is rearranging his personal workshop with about 1,000 SQFT of tools and supplies to become the initial Maker Space and host a Makers Club. He is seeking volunteers to assist with preparing the space for initial operation. A good bit of reorganization and construction of lab benches are the main tasks at hand.

Eventually, the Library will provide organizational guidance to the club and pursue grants for machinery like CNC’s, 3D Printers, and Internet-of-Things test kits. Stay tuned for a launch of the Maker Space in the to-be-determined future. Contact or 574-244-9090 if you might be willing to help now or would like to be notified once the space is ready for the club to be launched.