A Community Aquarium

The Community Center in North Webster is home to programs and organizations that benefit the people of North Webster. One favorite attraction is the unique native fish aquarium found at the entrance of the Center. The tank provides relaxation, entertainment, and education about the life in our local lakes to all visitors.
Last year, the aquarium sponsorship was shared between The Watershed Foundation (TWF) and another local organization. Unfortunately, the co-sponsor will not support the project next year. TWF is seeking one or more new co-sponsors who believe the aquarium is important to NWCC visitors and our community. We need to raise $500 to keep the aquarium alive in 2016.
Businesses, individuals and other organizations interested in co-sponsoring this project at the North Webster Community Center should contact Caitlin Yoder of Grace College’s Center for Lakes & Streams at (574) 372-5100, ext. 6453.

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