2019 May Member of the Month

Congratulations to The River our May Member of the Month!!! Thank you Hannah Thompson for everything The River does for our Community.

The River Coffeehouse is an outreach of Whitewater Community Services, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We are located in the heart of North Webster in order to meet our neighbors, listen to identify needs, and pool resources to help meet those needs.

We were opened a few years ago in response to our hurting and lonely teens and soon discovered that helping our kids meant we needed to help their families as well.  Your contributions in the coffeehouse help them offer parenting classes and communication classes, as well as book study groups that help all of us learn to love diversity, instead of fear what we do not understand.

In keeping with the vision to serve this community well, they provide a safe, judgement free gathering space designed to welcome all ages, but specifically our local youth.  They believe that strong connections to a healthy community is beneficial to all and a peaceful space to be who you are is crucial.

The river is welcoming to all faiths, ethnicities, genders, and orientations.  Our differences make us strong and beautiful.

The River Coffeehouse sources their coffee and food as organically and ethically as possible.

Please help them help our neighbors by grabbing a great cup of coffee, delicious smoothie, or lunch panini at The River! (Tax deductible donations are always welcome, too!)

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